2017 Cotton Pickin' Fair Vendors

2017 Cotton Pickin’ Fair Vendor Guidelines



Vendors are welcome to begin arriving as early as 6:30am on Saturday. 

The Fair officially opens at 10am and the last concert will end at 10pm.  You are welcome to stay open the entire time, but we understand that there are some special instances where you may need to leave early.  We request that all vendors remain open until at least 6pm.


Registration & Payment

All Vendors must pre-register and payment must be received by 5pm on September 15th.  Vendors will not be allowed to pay or register the day of the event at this time.



Vendors will be set up on the Courthouse Square along Franklin St and Covington St.

Locations will be assigned by Hillsboro Main Street and a map and list will be sent to all vendors on September 18th.  If you have a location you would like to request, please include a note on your registration form.  We try to accommodate as many requests as we can, but cannot guarantee that requests can always be met.



In past years, we have charged a single rate for electricity at a booth.  However, some vendors use multiple appliances and demand a higher amount of electricity.  To prevent overloads of the city’s breakers, we are requiring that all vendors register the number of appliances they will be using and pay $10 per item this year.  This will assist us in spreading out the electrical loads throughout the area and prevent the loss of power for our vendors.

Each vendor is responsible for providing enough extension cord to reach the outlets.


Exclusive Rights

In fairness to our vendors, we are requiring that each vendor list all of the items they will be selling.  Some items, such as food, activities, and specific brands require exclusive rights to be the only vendor in their category at the Fair.  As a result, we reserve the right to reject applications in cases where a vendor has already pre-registered for that category before your application is received.  We will contact you upon receipt if this were to be the case.